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If you feel gambling is not just a way to have fun for you anymore, you can self-exclude yourself from gambling. This facility blocks all our promo and marketing materials, you can no longer log in to your account.

You can self-exclude your account when logged in here or by contacting our customer care team.

Before you decide to self-exclude you should understand the consequences of self-exclusion. You cannot remove the restriction before your exclusion period passes, neither can you edit the self-exclusion period. Make sure to request the cashout before setting the self-exclusion, otherwise there will be no way to request for withdrawal.

Any self-exclusion may, on request, be extended for one or more further periods, please contact the Customer Care team to proceed with extension.

We also recommend that you do this for any other operator you may be registered with.

We will help you to use the self-exclusion option. However, you confirm that you understand that self-exclusion is intended to be an aid to help you manage your use of online gambling website. It is not intended to function as a replacement for willpower and is not foolproof.

Your self-exclusion will be most effective if you do not try to work around the exclusion measures Spin City has put in place. You agree not to attempt to register new gambling accounts, log in to any of your existing accounts, or in any other way try to circumvent Spin City's mechanisms for the duration of your self-exclusion. You are entirely responsible for any actions you take designed to circumvent any self-exclusion registered with Spin City.

You accept that we have no responsibility or liability whatsoever if you continue gambling and/or seek to use the Website and we fail to recognize or determine that.

The option to Self-Exclude ("Self-Exclusion") also accessible via the verification page (the: "Seal") which is an intermediary service of Curaçao eGaming ("CEG"). By submitting a request for Self-Exclusion (the "Request") via the Self-Exclusion form (the "Form"), the end user ("End-User") triggers a mandatory procedure to discontinue services to the End-User for a minimum of 6 (six) months. The Request shall not immediately trigger Self-Exclusion. CEG shall first confirm the identity of the End-User. Once the request is properly validated, the we will be allowed a grace period of seven calendar days to comply with the Request, after we would confirm your Self-Exclusion to you.